Two (2) classes of the Human Resource and Doctrine Development Staff Course (HRDDSC) Class 02-030-DHRDD-2023-004  (Class 01) and Class 02-030-DHRDD-2023-005  (Class 02) were conducted via Zoom platform. The course is designed for PNP human resource personnel to broaden the scope of their expertise in the various aspects of training and doctrine development.

The course was participated in by one hundred twenty-one (121) personnel with seven (7) PCOs, one hundred two (102) PNCOs, and twelve (12) NUPs, who are designated as HRDD Staff and Training Officers in the different PROs, NSUs, and D Staff with a rank of PCpl to PLT and NUP with SG-14 below.

The course’s highlight was the participants’ presentation of their acquired knowledge and skills in crafting their own final output Standard Training Package (STP). The students were divided into groups and each group presented the STP of their chosen course before the Board/Pane For two (2) consecutive days, the ten (10) groups presented their STP.

On July 12,  2023,  at 1:30  PM,  the closing ceremony of the online course was held  at the DHRDD and attended virtually by the successful participants with PBGEN RONALD O LEE, The Acting Director of DHRDD, as Keynote Speaker ably represented by PBGEN RODERICK AUGUSTUS B ALBA,  Deputy Director,  DHRDD. The top 3 graduates of each class and the group adjudged as best presenters were given a Certificate  of Merit  and Commendation,  respectively  in  recognition  of their academic proficiency.