The Joint AFP-PNP-PCG Education, Training, and Doctrine Cell (JAPPETDC) meeting started at 10:00 AM. Subsequently, all the participants were welcomed by PBGEN RODERICK AUGUSTUS B ALBA.  After the participants were introduced, PCOL JUDE T TACORDA, C, GDDD, DHRDD, presented the 1st Quarter 2023 JAPPETDC Updates.

Other participants presented the Training Needs Analysis (TNA) Output.

The two (2) day workshop was held last May 11 and 12, 2023.

He discussed all the gaps, issues, concerns, and recommendations of the three agencies observed in the workshop. He also mentioned the workshop’s major output, which is to have a comprehensive joint training plan for AFP, PNP, and PCG that will set the strategic direction for the JAPPETDC.

The Co-Heads signed the TNA Workshop Certificate of the participants in the 2-Day JAPPETDC TNA Workshop.

PBGEN RODERICK AUGUSTUS B ALBA, Deputy, DHRDD, encouraged everyone to continue working correlatively with a joint operation towards the goals of JAPPETDC.